RECOMENDED listening

Be sure to listen to the Jonathan Ross interview from Lee's visit to the UK in 2008 to promote the Ben10 movie. A nice 20 minutes of chatty banter and stories.

Ever heard of POWER RECORDS? If not, you're in for a treat, if you have, you're still in luck! we've got a number of tracks from the vinyl 33rpm classic albums just waiting to assault your aural senses...


Also don't miss out on the chance to listen to the various Bionic Woman themes and tracks which epitomize the Bionic shows and will bring memories of the series flooding back.

audio clips

Theme music:

  • Men From Shiloh - MP3
  • The Big Valley -MP3
  • The Six Million Dollar Man [Instrumental] -MP3
  • The Six Million Dollar Man [TV version with voice-over] - RealMedia
  • End title music for Wine, Women & War with Dusty Springfield - RealMedia
  • SMDM theme remix by OSI Project - MP3
  • SMDM theme by British '70's big band composer/conductor John Gregory. Initially released in 1976 on the 12" vinyl album TV theme compilation 'The Detectives' - MP3
  • SMDM cover version by Richard "Groove" Holmes, 1975 - MP3
  • The Bionic Woman [original] -MP3
  • The Bionic Woman [Unused version] - MP3
  • Return of of the SMDM & BW opening theme - AU
  • Bionic Showdown openning theme- AU
  • The Fall Guy - MP3
  • Raven - MP3
  • Island Spirit [from Raven soundtrack] - MP3
  • Black Dragons [from Raven spundtrack] - MP3
  • Ski & the Big Kahuna [from Raven soundtrack] - MP3
  • Too Much Sun - RealMedia



Bionic F/X

  • Bionic Ear - WAV
  • Bionic Eye - WAV
  • Bionic Strength - WAV + WAV
  • Bionic 'Throw' - WAV
  • Bionic Jump - WAV



During the late 1970's several albums were released of Bionic audio adventures by the now classic Power Records. The label was well known for comic book audio adventures such as Batman and Spiderman, and they later branched out into TV series. Despite the fact the records did not use the original actors they have gained a cult status and are much sought after by collectors.


Birth of the Bionic Man / The Iron Heart
The Man From The Future / Bionic Berserker

SMDM Vol.2

The Haiti Connnection / Operation Deep Freeze
To Win An Oscar / The Loch Ness Syndrome

There was an addtional volume released, also containing the previously released Birth of the Bionic Man and The Man from the Future. This was a small 'single' size album, where the other 2 were 33rpm albums. The new smaller release also had a superb booklet, which you can here in pdf format with original awesome comic-strip artwork,

SMDM single album

Not to be outdone, and in the spirit of equality, there was also a BionicWoman Powers record:

Bionic Woman record

The Prisoner of Arak / The Mask of Tamburo / Wings of Death

Yes, there was even a Christmas album of Bionic adventures, with 4 yuletide stories included:

Bionic Christmas album

The Toymaker / The Kris Kringle Caper
Elves Revolt / Christmas Lights



  • Richard Anderson with Michael Dante from 'On Deck' late '90's - RealMedia
  • Lee on CNN. January 2000 - RealMedia
  • Dr Shane & Tom WPAP 92.5, 29.Nov.07 -[Pt.1] MP3 + [Pt.2] MP3
  • Mark and Mercedes Las Vegas Morning show, 14.Dec.07 -MP3
  • Adam Carolla radio show, 11.12.07 - MP3
  • Jonathan Ross BBC Radio 2. 20 minutes. 9.Feb.08 - MP3
  • The-X 105.9 radio. March 2008 - MP3
  • WZLX 100.7 Boston 18.03.08 - MP3
  • RED 102.3 radio, 10.04.08 - MP3
  • Richard Anderson on 'Getting to Know you', 30 mins, 23.09.2009 -MP3
  • Lee on TV Condfidential, 1 hour interview!, 06.05.2009 - MP3
  • Lindsay Wagner, 17.07.2010 - MP3
  • Lee on CBC Canada News, 27 mins, 27.08.2011 - MP3
  • Lee on CBC Alberta, Daybreak Alberta, 20.09.12 - MP3
  • Richard Anderson on BlogTalkRadio with Richard Rossie 03.12.14 - MP3
  • Lee on The Morning Jolt from WDHA FM 17.03.15 - MP3
  • Press round-table interveiws with Ash Vs Evil Dead cast, NYCC 2016- MP3 *NEW*
  • Lucy Lawless & Lee majors preview Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2 - MP4 (audio) *NEW*


Lee sings!

  • Original 7" single of Lee singing 'The Fall Guy' theme - RealMedia
  • B-side of above, Lee singing 'Lust in a Lady's Eyes - RealMedia
  • 'Sweet Jaime' from The Bionic Woman - RealMedia
  • 'Get Loose' from The Bionic Woman - RealMedia



  • Exclamation Point by Starfinger. Amatuer song winner from July 2006 SongFight competition, celebrating "the awesomeness that is Lee Majors" says it's author- MP3
  • Step by Step [music track from Bionic Showdown] Frozen Ghost - MP3
  • 'Bionic Man' drum-and-bass interpretation of SMDM theme tune by British group Freebass A superb 7 minute track, well worth a listen - MP3
  • Bionic Woman theme Jerry Fielding - MP3
  • Bionic Woman theme Joe Harnell - MP3
  • Bionic Woman closing credit music -MP3
  • Classic Bionic Woman instrumental music from BW 'Kill Oscar' soundtrack - MP3
  • Superb interpretation of SMDM theme: Run, Steve, Run [Bionic Man reworking 2011] by Paul Dye - MP3