Check out the Tumblr chat that Lee took part in to promote Ash Vs Evil Dead tonight right here.

Lee was at the annual San Diego Comic Con this year, to help promote the 2nd season of STARZ ASH Vs WAKING DEAD, in which Lee plays Bruce Campbell's characters Dad. This was Lee's first SDCC and the crowd loved him.

We have put together all the pics with Lee and Bruce larking about in one album right here. o


"I always felt I had to out-do my brother, as he was the real son. I had this pressure since I found out I was adopted that I had to prove myself worthy"


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Christmas 2016


October 20th
Ash Vs Evil DeadBloody interviews...
For interviews with Lee and the cast of Ash Vs Evil Dead, follow the links right here: Audio interview from NYCC with cast | Full NYCC Ash panel with cast | Lee Majors interview | 10 questions with Bruce Campbell | Bruce Campbell interview

October 2nd
Ash Vs Evil DeadBloody hell...
The premiere of seson 2 of Ash Vs Evil Dead is on Starz channel tonight. Er, did we mention Lee is in it? Yeah we did, right?

Brcue Campbell and Lee Majors

September 15th
The Big ValleyThe Berkely's ranch is over half a century old!
51 years ago today the first episode of The Big Valley aired on ABC. It ran for four years and gave Lee is his lead role in a TV series... the rest is history, as they say!

Lee with co-star, and movie legend, Barbara Stanwyck, on The Big Valley

August 25th
Fitzpatrick ReferralsDon't forget Oscar...
Oscar was one of the first anaimals that Noel Fitzpatrick fitted with Bionic prosthetics, and lead to the publicity for the 'Bionic Vet' and subsequent TV shows and specials. Here is Oscar and Noel together. You can leanr more about Noel's work and practise here.

Oscar the Bionic cat


Lee gets Evil in official pics.
Lot's of official Ash Vs Evil Dead promo pcis are now surfacing, with the upcoming premiere of Season 2 on October 2nd.

Season 2 cast

Click images for full size

Lee also talks about his role and involvement in the series here from Dead Central

July 23rd
SDCC 2016More Evil news from SDCC
Lee and Bruce Campbell took to the ater to promote the up-coming Season 2 of Ash Vs The Evil Dead yesterday as can be seen here:

Lee & Bruce Campbell
Click for full size

Lee Majors, Bruce Campbell & Kevin Smith at SDCC 2016
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Plus Entertianment Weekly have a great 5 minute interview video with the season 2 cast, including Lee right here.

EW interview with Lee Majors and Bruce Campbell

Lee Majors talks Ash Vs The Evil Dead

Lucy Lawless also spills the beans on what we can expect to see from Lee's character in the show, and it sounds a lot of fun:
The Six Million Dollar Man is crashing into Jacksonville, Florida to appear as Ash’s (Campbell) dad, Brock. He makes the cavalier and brash Ash look like an upstanding gentleman in comparison.“When you get to know Brock, he is such a bigot, such a pig, he’s everything awful. You come to think that Ash Williams is this triumph of nature over nurture.” she said. Brock becomes enamored with Ruby and insistently hits on her — “and she doesn’t like it,” Lawless added. Brock also has a special name for Ruby, which Majors keeps calling Lawless in real life.

July 22nd
First look at Lee in Ash Vs Evil Dead S2
Here is our first look at Lee in the 2nd season of Ash Vs Evil Dead, due to air in october this year. Go here for the official trailer:

Lee Majors & Bruce Campbell

Below here is a screengrab of Lee from the official trailer...

Lee Majors of trailer

June 13th
Van JensenInteview with Fall of Man author, Van Jensen
The writer of the new Six Million Dollar Man comic series, The Fall of Man, from Dynamite comcis, has been gracious enough to give us an excl;suive interview and sneak peak behind the scenes of the title. Read his words of wisdom here.

If Steve and Jaime were replaced by Luke and Leia from Star Wars... (with many thanx to @StarwarsPhthp on twitter)

Bionic jedi

June 5th
Lee & Lindsay rock it at in Phoenix
Lee & Lindsay performed a Bionic team-up at Phoenix Comic Con this last weekend, wowing crowds with stories from their careers, plus signing autographs and posing for pics. Get more images here.

Lee & Lindsay back together again.

Lee & Lindsay toegther again in Phoenix.

May 20th
He sure scrubs up nicely...
Faith shared this photo on her Facebook page today of her and Lee at the Symphony Ball.

Lee & Faith at Symphony Ball
Click here for full size

Lee on Fox News in April
Lee InterviewsLee appeared on Fox News in April, on a couple of segments. Click the images to view them on the Fox wesbite.

Fox news 1

Fox News 2

Fox news 3

April 25th
Faith posted this photo on her Facebook page, on Lee's birthday, with the following message:
Happy Birthday to this kind, sweet, loving, funny, talented, gorgeous man I'm so blessed to call my husband! Lee Majors Happy Birthday my love! Wishing you all the joys life has to offer. God Bless you always! xoxo 

Lee & Faith

March 25th
Lindsay wows UK fans... again!
Lindsay Wagner at MCMLindsay Wagner returned to the UK in March to attend two MCM comic con events, one in Liverpool and one in Birmingham, both of which were huge hits with the fans and Lindsay herself. More here.

February 12th
Lindsay Wagner to attend UK convention
Lindsay Wagner comes to the UKLindsay will be in the UK in March to attend both the Liverpool (March 12-13) and Birmingham (19-20) MCM comic cons. This is her first visit to the Uk for a few years, so be sure to try and attend. Check the MCM website for more details here

Lee & Faith to be honured for their spirituality
Lee & Faith honouredLee and faith will be honoured at St.Christopher's Inn in April for the opportunity to highlight how their spirituality and perseverance have sustained them both. Read more here.

Lee plays it Dead in new TV role
Lee at MCMLee has been cast as Bruce Campbell's Dad on the hit Starz show Ash Vs Evil Dead. Ted raimi will aslo join the cast as Campbell's best friend. Faith says they have not yet shot any scenes, but it is expected to air in the fall this year.